Be decisive. A wrong decision is generally less disastrous than indecision.

Bernhard Langer
C2G2: Core Mission

With China emerging as a major player in the world economy, and its increasing interest in the Californian golf, there is no shortage of opportunities for properties and businesses in then Golden State to expand and grow their footprint in China.  This is precisely where the China California Golf Group comes in. C2G2's primary objective is to facilitate and generate business for California's golf tourism cluster and them to establish a firm foothold in the lucrative and immature market of China.  

Unlike other organizations, C2G2´s professionals are endowed with more than two decades of successful experience in implementing numerous golf tourism projects in the often misunderstood Chinese market. This unmatched industry network and suite of services is perfectly tailored to empower Californian businesses to capitalize on the fastest growing golf market in the world.

In particular, the Group offers its expert services around four key pillars: 

► Golf Tourism - Increasing high-yield golf travel from China to California, by promoting the California Golf Dream to the affluent Chinese market

► Corporate Events - Positioning golf as a convergence platform for unique exchange programs between China and California across business and policy verticals

► Junior Golf - Expanding Junior Golf in partnership with US´s #1 golf facility Pebble Beach and introducing golf scholarship programs with the elite American universities

► Real Estate - Empowering Chinese millionaires to invest in California’s premium, luxury Real Estate in co-operation with Sotheby´s International Realty

I really enjoyed having you with us in China as I learned so much from you about the golf travel business. You guys are total pros. Our pavilion would not have been such a big success without you. 

Paul Tambakis
US Commercial Service, Beijing 2012